Purification Capabilities

Distillation at atmospheric pressure or vacuum to 1mm Hg, size to 72 liters. Separation to 50-60 theoretical plates (316 SS, Monel, or Nickel packings), or 20-30 theoretical plates in ceramic or glass packing. Temperatures to 250° C.

Pope wiped-film evaporator (2” diameter/ 323 cm2 surface area).

Recrystallization up to 200 liters scale in most solvents, filtration in polyethylene or ceramic Nutsche filters.

Chromatography: Biotage Flash 150 prep flash Chromatography unit and 5 cm X 1.5 meter Gel Permeation unit available. Ion exchange and carbon filtration in columns up to 10 cm X 1.5 meters are available as needed.

Other: Liquid-Liquid and Liquid-Solid (Soxhlet) are also available.